I’d like to hear your opinions and experiences as a Dasher, especially when getting a job to deliver non-restaurant orders from the convenience and grocery shops such as Coles, IGA, The Reject Shop, PETStock and others. I often get this kind of order, especially from Coles Express.

I think Doordash grocery order is not too bad to do because the procedure is not too different from restaurant order and sometimes it pays better. We only need to take the goods that have been packed by the merchant and deliver them to the customer.

However, my last experience of getting a grocery order from Coles Express made me a little confused. Because it’s not as usual, it turns out that there is additional information on the order details in the driver app that says “Shop for items at the store then deliver”.

After that contacted support via the Dasher app and it turned out to be true that that was a Shop & Deliver order. Which mean that the driver has to pick out the items and get in line to pay just like any other shopper at the store.

At that time, I had to request to cancel the order even though it paid me around $30 for 5 items and 8 km in total. Initially, I thought it would be inconvenient to pick up the customer’s ordered items myself but it turns out that I am also not familiar with the use of red cards and I don’t even have a physical card.

Do you think the shop and deliver order like from Coles is worth your time and effort?

Michael – Australia

Doordash began its steps to expand its services beyond food delivery at the end of 2020 by launching grocery orders. In Australia, the company team up with several well-known grocery shops such as Coles and IGA.

Currently, they are also opening partnerships with smaller stores including specific shops like a flower shop, candy shop, cheese shop, tea shop, produce shop and much more. So don’t be surprised if later you will receive a delivery request from your neighbour’s shop.

At the beginning of the grocery delivery service in Australia, Dasher’s job was only to pick up grocery orders that had been prepared by the store for collection. One of these is Coles click and collect order which you may have seen before.

Recently, Dasher has also been offered a new type of grocery order, called Shop & Deliver. So the delivery driver is required to shop for the list of items at the store and then pay for it at the cashier like other customers, after that they should deliver it to the customer’s address.

What is Doordash Shop and Deliver?

As we’ve explained earlier, this is a new service that requires Dasher to shop for the customer’s list of items in the store, pay it using the provided Dordash Red Card during checkout at the cashier, then deliver the order straight to the customer’s door.

This is a new earning opportunity for Dasher to make money apart from delivering food orders from restaurants and regular grocery orders. This kind of order also supports more merchants since only some merchants have dedicated staff to pick up and pack customers’ items.

Shop & Deliver

How is it different from the regular grocery order?

A significant difference between Shop & Deliver orders and regular ones is how to complete the job. In this type of order Dasher is required to shop for items at the store. In addition, they must also have a red card, be it a physical card or a virtual card. You can find out more about this reloadable debit card from Doordash.

The difference between this kind of order with regular grocery orders is the additional information provided on the delivery request in the application. There you will find additional information above the Accept button, which says “Shop for items at the store then deliver”.

Regular vs Shop Order

Is Doordash Shop and Deliver order worth your time and effort?

Shopping for someone else groceries may not be suitable for all drivers. There are some Dashers who don’t want to do it simply because they think that it isn’t worth their time or for some other reason.

But there are also fellow Dasher who still want to do it with various considerations. The following are some reasons that might change your viewpoint of the shop and deliver orders.

  • Much better pay. Doordash offers better pay to Dashers who are willing to accept Shop and Deliver orders. Based on several delivery drivers we have met, this kind of order does offer better pay. We will go into more detail in another section of this post.
  • Earn around the clock. As we know delivery orders from restaurants are usually only busy at certain hours such as lunch or dinner hours. Outside these peak hours, there are fewer jobs. With this opportunity, Dasher can still take advantage of this less busy time to run Shop and Deliver orders to maximize their hourly earnings.
  • Less waiting around. One of the activities that a delivery driver hates the most is waiting for an order to be prepared. This does not apply to this type of order, because drivers do not need to rely on anyone else preparing the order, because they have to take it themselves.

Apart from these advantages, of course, Shop and Deliver orders also have some disadvantages.

  • Unavailable items. Sometimes the stock in the Doordash system is not in sync with the stock in the store. When encountering this, Dasher must first reach the customer regarding a substitution or partial refund. However, if they don’t respond, you can mark the item as unavailable and issue a refund.
  • Pay with a Red Card. For some Dashers in Australia, paying for orders with a red card is a new thing. As far as I know, in Australia there is no obligation to activate this debit card in order to start working. Find out more about Dasher Red Card in Australia.
  • Declined payments. The red card that will be used to pay for shop and deliver orders is a reloadable debit card that is automatically loaded when the order is ready to checkout. Most of the time the card will work without problems, but sometimes it gets declined like other cards. Don’t worry, there is still support via live chat who’s ready to help you.

How much Doordash Grocery Shop and Deliver Pay in Australia?

Doordash pay is one of the main factors that take into consideration for a Dasher to accept a delivery request or not. As we explained earlier, Shop and Deliver orders are different from regular orders where this kind of order requires the driver to shop customers’ items and check out like other customers.

With a few additional steps to carry out, of course, drivers must get more compensation compared to the regular one, otherwise, there will be no driver who will take this delivery order.

Fortunately, Doordash already understands that and they have to offer higher pay for this kind of order. From the information we got, in Australia, the driver will earn between $15 – $37 for Delivering Shop and Deliver orders. The total distance and the items that must be delivered are not too bad. Under 10 km in total and less than 10 items. (based on the screenshot below)

Example of Order Pay

To date, the information on the highest paying order I have seen is $37.5 just to deliver 6 items from Coles Express to a customer location on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. You might also be able to get an order for the same or even more than this if you do it in major cities during peak hours.

High Pay Grocery Order

Wrap up, Doordash shop and deliver orders might not for all drivers who think that it isn’t worth the hassle. However, with pay that is sometimes 3 to 5 times higher than regular meals and grocery orders, of course, many Dashers also really hope to be able to get this kind of order.

It is possible that non-food deliveries will increase on this platform in the future. Considering that the company has also opened up opportunities for small and medium enterprises to display their shop on their platforms. Not only grocery shops but also from specific shops like a flower shop, herbal shop, produce shop, candy shop and a lot more.

Disclaimer: The provided screenshot are for illustrative purposes only, actual earnings may differ. Doordash pay determined by various factors including the driving distance, estimated activity time, traffic, wait time at the store, etc.


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