Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city, is a home for more than 450,000 residents. It is also the third most populous and famous urban area you can find in New Zealand. It is located in the heart of the country.

Almost all the civil services are based in this city such as the Supreme Court and the Country Government and Parliament. Even though its area smaller than Auckland, most people admit that Wellington is New Zealand’s capital of culture. The city has the National Library, the National Archives, the country Museum, two universities, and a lot of theatres.

Rideshare in Wellington Airport and the other

Uber operates in Wellington from 2014 which indicate that ride-hailing is not a new service in the city. With more than 4 years of operation will make you easier to get a ride and less wait time. While Ola is still a new player, just entered the city at the end of 2018.

You can find Uber and Ola drivers almost in every corner of the city, although the number of active drivers and waiting time may be different in some area.

uber fare wellington

Uber Fare Breakdown

ola fare wellington

Ola Fare Breakdown

Once you decide on a destination by using the rideshare app, it will automatically calculate and show the (estimated) total fare. But, when the destination changes on the trip or the trip take longer than predicted due to traffic or other factors, the rates will be based on the fare breakdown listed below.

Rates Uber Ola
Base Fare NZ$1.45 NZ$1.45
Booking Fee NZ$0.55 NZ$0.48
Per Minutes Rate NZ$0.35 NZ$0.35
Per Kilometer NZ$1.45 NZ$1.45

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Besides the fare breakdown we have mentioned above, there are some additional fares depending on the pickup conditions and location.

Rates Uber Ola
Waiting Fee* NZ$0.60 NZ$0.60
Cancellation Fee (Rider or Driver Initiated) NZ$10.00 NZ$10.00
Additional Surcharges (Tolls, Airport Pickup Charge,etc) Varies Varies

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

The following are some examples of Uber fare from Airport Wellington to several spots that are commonly visited in the city. We use Uber as a sample because the price with other ride-hail services like Ola is not much different.

Destination (from Airports to) Trip Fare Return Fare
City Center NZ$17-22 NZ$15-20
Wellington Railway Station NZ$19-25 NZ$19-25
Cable Car Station NZ$18-24 NZ$18-25
Te Papa Museum NZ$16-22 NZ$15-20
Porirua NZ$48-64 NZ$48-65
Petone, Lower Hutt NZ$37-49 NZ$37-50
Upper Hutt NZ$71-95 NZ$68-91

*All estimated fares provided are subject to change due to rides demand and other factors.

Uber and Ola Wellington Promo Code

As a rider, you can choose two different types of services that will make you easy to move to all destinations in Wellington. You can decide on between UberX for low-priced rides or UberAssist for those with special needs.

You can download the app, then using the Uber Promo Code offered here, which is valid for use in Wellington and other cities in New Zealand.

For Uber you can try the following promo code to get a discount on trip expenses in New Zealand.

App Promo Code Details
Uber GLENNF522UE Coupon value NZ$15.

In case you experience difficulties when using the promo code, head to our post here for a more detailed explanation about the Uber promo code, like how to use it and where you can apply it.

For Ola, you can try to use the promo code below.

App Promo Code Details
Ola WARRIORS Coupon value NZ$20.

Need assistance on how to use the coupon or need another promo code? Follow our post about promo code.

Driving for Uber and Ola in Wellington

The arrival of ridesharing service like Uber in the city can reduce traffic congestion. You can also help make your city better as well as get an extra income by joining with Uber as a driver.

No boss, No office you’ve got the flexibility to make money whenever and wherever you want.

Ridesharing as a compliment for Wellington Transportation

If you are a tourist wanting to find their getaway in Wellington, then perhaps this guide to public transport in Wellington can help you find your way. Without wasting any more time, let us begin covering what kind of transports that is available in Wellington.

Bus. Just like the many different cities in the world, Wellington got its own personal public transport in the form of busses. The busses in here are no joke as well. With over than one hundred routes to choose from, you can get from one spot to another in Wellington without any added hassle.

If you prefer to see the town when you are travelling from one spot to another, then the busses should be your choice. You can even take the bus from the airport if you want to. From there, you can go on a chain of bus ride to Wellington’s favourite tourist spots.

Train. If you think busses are too slow and the traffic is too crowded, you can get on the train and travel through Wellington with it. It is, of course, the fastest option when it comes to travelling in Wellington.

The lines itself are abundant and Wellington got lots of stations for you to stop at. There are a total of five lines available and an uncounted number of train stations. With the trains available, surely it is only right to say that Wellington might be one of the most modern cities in the world.

Cable Car. Aside from being a tourist attraction on its own, Wellington’s cable car is a method of transport that you can use to go from one place to another. It takes you from Lambton Quay to Botanic Gardens, which are again two interesting spots to visit in Wellington.

There are many stops available for you to stop. Those stops are at Talavera, Kelburn, Clifton, Lambton Quay, and Salamanca. If you got a place to visit near those stations, you do not have to worry. Ferry. If the ferries are your option, you should go to the Wellington Harbor. The ferries operate between Days Bay and central Wellington, Matiu/Somes Island and Seatoun.

Ride-hailing service. Together with the conventional public transports, you can try the ridesharing service like Uber as an alternative ride in Wellington, in case you are located far away from Transport Hub. Catching Uber in Wellington is very easy.

The steps are easy! You just need to request when you are ready to wait and then look for your driver by noticing his or her license plate number and the car’s colour.

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