Having a qualified car is a major requirement for those who want to start driving for rideshare companies like Uber, Didi and Ola in Australia and New Zealand. Vehicles that will be used for rideshare service must also meet several requirements including the age of the vehicle, it should be 10 years old or less (2010 model or newer as of 2020).

In addition, Uber as the biggest ridesharing provider in the country also requires vehicles that will be used on their platforms to have a 5-star ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) rating, a leading independent vehicle safety advocate in the country. This applies to every vehicle registered with Uber from October 2019.

However, if you don’t have a vehicle that meets the requirements or even has no car at all at the moment, you can still rent a qualified vehicle and register it with a rideshare provider.

If you are not yet registered as a driver with any rideshare company, you can also utilize the vehicle that you rent from rideshare rental companies to get approved with Uber or other companies such as Ola or Didi in case their service work in your area.

Uber, Didi, Ola Car Rental Providers

There are many vehicle rental companies in Australia, but not all of them are ready to be used for ride-booking services. Considering that the car being rented must have all the requirements docs to provide passenger services such as rideshare insurance and additional vehicle licence, which is required in several states.

Here are some rideshare car rental companies across Australia that you can try to start your career as a ride-hail driver.

  1. Splend
    splend logo

    Splend is well-known among professional drivers across the country as a car rental provider that can be used as an on-demand ride-booking service. Founded in Sydney in 2015 or about one year after Uber began to soar in Australia. Splend has helped college students, pensioners, former refugees, and anyone who does not have a qualified vehicle to become a rideshare driver.

    Not only operating in Australia, but the company also opened a similar service in three other countries such as the United Kingdom, Mexico and Canada, which is supported by over 150 employees globally. At present, Splend owns and manages thousands of vehicles throughout Australian capital cities.

    Weekly Price Start from $199 (Kia Sportage or similar)
    Minimum Term 28 days
    Kilometre Limits Start from 500km/week
    Hand-back Notice 14 days
    Deposit/Fees Joining fee start from $195
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide,
    Canberra, Newcastle, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast
    Website splend.com.au
  2. Keyz
    keyz logo
    As Uber is becoming increasingly popular in Australia, many people are desire to register as a rideshare driver. Unfortunately, their registration is sometimes delayed or not approved because their vehicle doesn’t meet the necessary points to operate legally in the city.

    Keyz founder saw this condition as an opportunity to be able to help people earn money through the rising rideshare industry. Therefore, they set up a rideshare car rental business in Queensland around 2016.

    Weekly Price Start from $199 (Mitsubishi Mirage Hatch or similar)
    Minimum Term 2 weeks
    Kilometre Limits Unlimited
    Hand-back Notice 14 days
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast
    Deposit/Fees No bond, no joining fee
    Website keyz.com.au
  3. DriveMyCar
    drivemycar logo
    DriveMyCar is the first and major peer-to-peer car rental service in the country. Their service facilitates people to share or rent items to each other. Owned by Collaborate Corporation Limited, the company is focused on providing value to owners and renters through online marketplaces.

    The fast-growing rideshare industry in Australia was an opportunity for the company to began a rideshare car rental service. These days the company has become one of the most flexible, low-cost ways to rent a car to use for ridesharing services.

    Weekly Price Start from $165
    Minimum Term Mostly 3 days
    Kilometre Limits Start from 1,050km per week, unlimited km available
    Hand-back Notice 1 day
    Deposit/Fees $300 initial bond
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
    Website drivemycar.com.au
  4. Ridelender
    ridelender logo
    As one of the on-demand rental provider, RideLender provides hassle-free vehicle rental solutions to individuals who want to be a part of the rideshare business with more choices and flexible terms.

    Weekly Price Start from $149 (Pre-2017 vehicles)
    Minimum Term 7 days
    Kilometre Limits Unlimited km available
    Hand-back Notice 7 days
    Deposit/Fees $750-$1,250 Bond
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
    Website ridelender.com.au
  5. Hertz
    hertz logo
    As one of the global car rental provider that operates in Australia, Hertz certainly does not want to waste the opportunity to offer its fleet for on-demand passenger services such as Uber. Hertz offers rideshare driver-partners great rates at selected locations in the country. The vehicles come with all the requirements needed to be used in a ride-hail platform so that drivers can drive as soon as possible.

    Weekly Price AU: start from $273 (Toyota Corolla Hatch or similar)
    NZ: start from $259/week (up to 12 months old vehicle)
    Minimum Term AU: 14 days
    NZ: 28 days
    Kilometre Limits AU: Mostly unlimited km
    NZ: 200 km per day allowance
    Hand-back Notice No penalty for early return
    Deposit/Fees AU: $500 bond
    NZ: $200 bond
    Availability AU: Victoria, NSW, Queensland, WA
    NZ: Auckland, Queenstown
    Website AU: hertz.com.au
    NZ: hertz.co.nz
  6. Europcar
    europcar logo
    Europcar offers rideshare drivers a fast and hassle-free car rental program. Without any lock-in contracts and no hidden fees, the company will make it easy for drivers to start driving and earn a living. They provide a range of vehicles including small and convenient compact cars that are suitable for UberX service to seven-seaters cars for UberXL rides.

    Weekly Price Start from $210 (Kia Rio or similar)
    Minimum Term 28 days
    Kilometre Limits 2,100 km per week
    Hand-back Notice No penalty for early return
    Deposit/Fees No membership fee, $100 bond
    Availability Victoria, New South Wales
    Website europcar.com.au
  7. Thrifty
    thrifty logo
    Thrifty has a range of excellent, cost-effective cars to get you on the road as a rideshare driver in several locations across the country. Wherever you drive with a Thrifty vehicle, you can take benefits from one of Australia’s largest car rental companies that have been recognized as the Most Satisfied Customers Awards.

    Weekly Price Start from $199 (Toyota Yaris or similar)
    Minimum Term 7 days
    Kilometre Limits 1,500 km per week
    Hand-back Notice Not required
    Deposit/Fees $200 deposit
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Perth
    Website thrifty.com.au
  8. Ace rental cars
    ace rental logo
    Uber driving is a great way to earn money in your free time, do as little or as much as you like, whenever you like. Ace rental cars can help you to realize that earning opportunity. All vehicles are in compliance with the rideshare company’s standards and meet regulatory requirements.

    The company operates sixteen branches across fifteen cities throughout Australia and New Zealand so that it will give drivers of peace of mind wherever they drive with Ace vehicles.

    Weekly Price AU: start from $245 (Toyota Corolla Hatch or similar)
    NZ: start from $210/week (6 years vehicle or older)
    Minimum Term AU: 21 days
    NZ: 3 days
    Kilometre Limits Unlimited km
    Hand-back Notice Not required
    Deposit/Fees AU: $500 bond
    NZ: $750 deposit
    Availability AU: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Cairns
    NZ: Auckland and Queenstown
    Website AU: acerentalcars.com.au
    NZ: acerentalcars.co.nz
  9. Fido
    fido logo
    If you are already registered with one of the rideshare company and need a qualified car to drive, you can consider choosing Fido. There are no joining fees or kilometre limits, the company believes that drivers should be making unlimited money, not paying fees and excess kilometre charges. You have more options to choose from, 5-seater, 7-seater even luxury cars for premium service.

    Weekly Price Start from $219 (Suzuku Swift of similar)
    Minimum Term 7 days
    Kilometre Limits 1,500 km per week, unlimited km available
    Hand-back Notice 7 days
    Deposit/Fees Not required
    Availability Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth
    Website fido.com.au
  10. UCar
    ucar logo
    UCar can be an alternative for on-demand passenger service drivers to get on the road as fast as possible. They can provide cars for rideshare drivers really quick, supported by easy to sign up for online applications without the hassle of finance or credit checks.

    Weekly Price Start from $231 (Camry or Corolla)
    Minimum Term 28 days
    Kilometre Limits Unlimited km available
    Hand-back Notice 28 days
    Deposit/Fees $250 initial bond and $50 rental agreement for first 5 weeks
    Availability Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
    Website ucar.com.au

Why I should rent a car for rideshare?

Using your own car to use in rideshare business could maximize your income, as you don’t have to pay for vehicle rentals. However, to be accepted and registered on the rideshare platforms like Uber, Didi and Ola your vehicle must fulfil the company’s standard.

You should rent a car if you don’t have a qualified car to be registered and used with the rideshare platform. In addition, there are some people who do not want their personal vehicles to be used for on-demand passenger service even though the car meets the requirements. Here are some of the advantages of renting a vehicle for rideshare:

  • You don’t need to worry about putting on lots of kilometres in your private car.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance from rental providers.
  • Fully serviced and regularly maintained vehicle.
  • It’s already included with registration and on-road costs
  • You are not locked into one vehicle, which means you can change and choose the best one to drive.
  • Vehicle replacement is available in case you are involved in a car accident.
  • Most providers allow you to drive the rented car for personal use.

What docs do I need to join?

If you have approved to drive with one of the rideshare platforms in Australia and New Zealand, then you will not have any significant difficulties to be able to rent a car.

Some rental car providers will ask for a few docs like:

  • A copy of your driver licence with current address.
  • Passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate.
  • Good credit rating, some rental providers need to look into your credit history.

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