When Didi came to Australia, they preferred cities in Victoria to introduce their ridesharing services. The two cities are Melbourne and Geelong, both of which are the most populous cities in the state.

In these two cities, Didi not only operated alone, they had to compete with Uber who was their old rival in its homeland, and also the Indian ride-hailing giant Ola.

To be able to compete and gain some ridesharing markets in the city, they continue to try to attract new customers with various promotional discounts and free rides. In addition, they also abolished booking fees from $1.10 to zero, thereby reducing rider total trip cost.

In addition, to increase the number of their driver-partners to be more active on the road, they decided to applied lower commission fee up to 0% with Didi Advance program. They also offer other financial bonuses to its drivers such as guaranteed earnings, referral and trailblazer rewards.

Where is Didi Available in Victoria?

In Victoria, Didi can be used in the two most populous cities in the state, Melbourne and Geelong which are the first two cities where the Chinese ride-hailing giant opened its services in Australia. In these two cities, you also have the opportunity to become their driver-partner.

As a Victorian Didi driver, you can pick-up passengers anywhere around Victoria as long as their service is available in that region, however, you are not allowed to drive outside the state.

didi driver requirement page

Didi Driver Registration Page

Personal Documents

Whoever you are, if you are 21 years or older, you can register as a Didi driver in Victoria if you have the following docs:

  1. Driver Licence
    You certainly have to be able to drive a car to become a rideshare driver and to prove if you are eligible, you must hold a Full Victorian Driver License for at least 6 months. Yes, Full License, not a Learner or Provisional License. If you hold a non-Victorian license, you must transfer your license into the state.
  2. Identity Documents
    Didi must know you personally before entering you into their platform, for that reason they need your personal identity document. You can use a Passport, Australian Citizenship Certificate, Australian Birth Certificate or ImmiCard.
  3. Driver Accreditation (DA)
    You should meet Victorian safety standards to be able to provide ridesharing services. For that reason, you are required to apply for a Driver Accreditation. Every commercial vehicle drivers including rideshare drivers are required to hold a driver accreditation and go through initial and ongoing criminal background checks and medical checks.
  4. Right to Work
    If you are not an Australian citizen, Didi must verify your right to work in the coutry. During the registration process, Didi might make a Visa Entitlement Verification Online check or commonly known as VEVO check.

Car Documents

If your car was manufactured in less than 10 years ago and able to accommodate a minimum of 4 passengers, then your car is eligible to drive with Didi in Victoria. But there are still some additional vehicle requirements that you must meet.

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Become a Dasher

  1. Car Registration
    Your cars need to be registered in the State of Victoria, you can take your vehicle certificate photo then upload it.
  2. Car Insurance
    Vehicle insurance is must if you want to use your vehicle for ridesharing. It can be any Third Party Property Damage or Comprehensive Insurance, with your details as the primary policy holder.
  3. Car Inspection
    To ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers on the road, your vehicle must pass roadworthiness inspection. You can book a new inspection or use your current Redbook inspection report as long as it was taken in the last 12 months.
  4. CPVR
    Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria (CPVV) requires that every vehicle used for ridesharing business to be registered as a commercial passenger vehicle. Applicants must own the vehicle to register it on the official CPVV website.

Payment Information

Your payment will be processed every week, Didi needs your Banking details and some other information to process your payment.

  1. Bank Account Details
    Didi weekly payments will be made by direct deposit to your Bank account. The required bank account details are BSB (Bank State Branch) code, and your Bank Account Number.
  2. ABN
    To identify your business ridesharing to the government and the public, you are required to have an Australian Business Number (ABN), it consists of an 11 digit number.

Register to Drive and Earn

To start driving with Didi and earn some cash, you can directly register via Didi official website or download the Didi driver app and start uploading the requirements that we mentioned earlier.

Last Updated on January 4, 2020
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