New Zealand is a country which offered a lot of breathtaking landmarks and tourist attractions for travellers. And one of the most popular city in the country is Christchurch.

It is the biggest city in the South Island and it is also known as one of the biggest urban area in NZ. Christchurch is a beautiful city with some best destinations for you who need to feel relaxed and fresh from your duty or business.

Ridesharing Fare in Christchurch Airport and the downtown

Ride-hailing service is good for all of you who need to mobile in Christchurch, especially if you are new in town and you want to get a pick-up in Christchurch Airport (CHC). All ride-sharing drivers know where to go and how to reach all places in a short and effective time.

Unlike Auckland and Wellington, ridesharing service drives into Christchurch about two years later, starting with the arrival of the ride-sharing giant, Uber. And that’s enough time for Uber to prepare alternative transportation in the city by recruiting several drivers during that time.

Now you do not have to worry about not getting a ride because the availability of cars has spread around the city, especially if you are in the city centre.

uber christchurch fares rates

Uber Christchurch Fare

Uber Christchurch Fares Rates

Ola Christchurch Fare

Planning to ride with Uber or Ola in Christchurch? You don’t have to worry about the cost since the fare is lower than the conventional taxis, the estimated price also will be shown before you get your ride.

Rates Uber Ola
Base Fare NZ$1.75 NZ$1.75
Booking Fee NZ$0.55 NZ$0.55
Per Minutes Rate NZ$0.40 NZ$0.40
Per Kilometer NZ$1.45 NZ$1.45

Under certain conditions, there’s additional charges as follows.

Rates Uber Ola
Waiting Fee* NZ$0.60 NZ$0.60
Cancellation Fee (Rider or Driver Initiated) NZ$10.00 NZ$10.00
Additional Surcharges (Tolls, Airport Pickup Charge,etc) Varies Varies

*Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Here is an example of Uber and Ola estimated fare from Airports to several locations within the city:

Destination (from Airports to) Trip Fare Return Fare
City Center NZ$22-30 NZ$22-30
Riccarton NZ$16-22 NZ$16-22
Rangiora NZ$46-62 NZ$50-67
Addington NZ$20-27 NZ$20-27
Rolleston NZ$37-50 NZ$37-50
Halswell NZ$30-40 NZ$30-40

Uber Christchurch Promo Code

If you have never used Uber ridesharing service before, but still hesitate to try it. You can use a coupon/promo code that will directly cut your actual fare.

You just need to download the application on your phone, create an account, select payment method, and then apply the code.

For Uber you can try the following promo code to get a discount on trip expenses in New Zealand.

App Promo Code Details
Uber GLENNF522UE Coupon value NZ$15.

In case you experience difficulties when using the promo code, head to our post here for a more detailed explanation about the Uber promo code, like how to use it and where you can apply it.

For Ola, you can try to use the promo code below.

App Promo Code Details
Ola WARRIORS Coupon value NZ$20.

Need assistance on how to use the coupon or need another promo code? Follow our post about promo code.

Driving for Uber and Ola in Christchurch

In addition to getting a ride, you can also help the city by providing a comfortable ride while getting additional cash of course. Its offer flexible working time does not require you to work at certain hours. You can drive anytime you want it.

Ridesharing as a compliment for Christchurch Transportation

If you are about to travel around Christchurch, here are some public transports in Christchurch (NZ) you can take.

Bus. It is the cheapest public transportation in Christchurch. This public transportation is mostly used by travellers and also locals in order to move from one city to another. Intercity and Naked Bus is 2 biggest bus service providers with the fare starts from NZ$10.

There is also hop-on hop-off bus which is also used to travel around Christchurch, especially for backpackers, even though this bus is not included in public transportation.

Train. There are 3 main railways which are operated by KiwiRail. The first is Northern Explorer, which operates from Auckland to Wellington, second is a Coastal Pacific which operates from Picton to Christchurch, and the last is TranzAlpine which operates from Christchurch to West Coast.

The TranzAlpine train travel is one of the most beautiful because it passes various panoramas in New Zealand. The fare for train ticket starts from NZ$49 per person.

Ferry. The ferry is public transport in Christchurch (NZ) which is mostly used to move from North Island to South Island. There are 2 biggest Ferry service providers, InterIslander and Bluebridge. The fare starts from NZ$55. Travelling around Christchurch by Ferry will give you outstanding views of Marlborough Sound if you travel from and to Picton.

Ferry service is also available from and to the city centre and offshore of New Zealand, including Rangitoto, Great Barrier near Auckland, Waiheke, and also Stewart Island.

In several coastal areas, Ferry connects one city to another, where the distance is closer through water than land. There are also water taxis which provide scheduled travel.

Ride-hailing. The Ridesharing service could be the solution for you to move in an easy way to all places based on your demand. Uber helps you whether you need to go to your workplace or office or go to the airport.

Uber offers you a reliable ride in minutes. You just need to open the app, type your destination, then the car comes to you.

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